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Warranty, Optizone offers one year warranty for all our products. During warranty period, should the product experiences failure due to process, raw material defects which resulted in not within the original specification given to customer, Optizone commits to rework free-of-charge.
Warranty requires products should only experience defects in normal circumstances use. In the case if the product has defects due to accidental damage, tear open, modify, not use in accordance to specification given, misuse, improper usage, etc., this does not fall within the scope of warranty. 

Order Confirmation, Once order is received, Optizone will acknowledge the order and commits the delivery within 3 working days. If no confirmation is received within 3 working days, please contact the respective sales person.

Order Modification or Cancellation, Within 5 working days after confirmation of the order, Optizone may allow the order to be modified or cancelled, depending on negotiation with customer. For certain normal products such as connectorization, patchcords, modification or cancellation will not be allowed. For order confirmed after 5 working days, any modification or cancellation may result in raw materials or manufacturing cost incurred. Such costs will be the responsibility of the customer making this request.

Order/Shipment Suspension, Customer May request for order/shipment suspension for a period of 6 months. Such request should be made at least one week before the schedule shipment. 

RMA Products, If a product is found to be disqualified, customer can request for retiring the goods. 
The procedure in returning is as follows: 
1. Customer needs to provide the order no., S/N and the cause of defect (with relevant data) of the failure product.
2. Salesperson will confirm and provide RMA No. 
3. Customer will arrange the return as per the given RMA No.
4. Once the product is received, an preliminary analysis data will be given within 2-3 working days, follow by a detailed RMA Report within 7 working days.
5. Base on the RMA Report, further discussion is required in how to proceed with the failure product.

After-Sales Contact, Ms Wang, email: service@optizonetech.com


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