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Free Space Isolator 2000nm 500mW

Name:Free Space Isolator 2000nm 500mW




  • Features:
    High Isolation
    Low Insertion Loss
    Large Aperture

  • Applications:
    Fiber Optic Lasers
    Fiber Amplifier

Parameter Unit Values
Stage Single Stage  Dual Stage  
Center Wavelength  nm 2000
Operating Wavelength Range nm ±50
Typ. Peak Isolation dB 38 50
Min. Isolation at 23 dB 18 32
Typ. Insertion Loss at 23 dB 0.2 0.3
Max. Insertion  Loss at 23 dB 0.4 0.5
Clear Aperture mm 0.9
Polarization Plane of Input Illustrated in Below Drawing
Tilt Angle of Input Light deg 0
Max. Optical Power (CW) mW 500Polarized Light & Proper Alignment Is Necessary)
Operating Temperature -5 to +70
Storage Temperature -40 to +85
Package Dimensions:
Ordering Information:
①①: Wavelength  : Stage  : Optical Path Orientation
 20 - 2000nm  S - Single Stage  F - Forward (as indicated above)
 SS - Specify  D - Dual Stage  B - Backward


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