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PM Fused WDM 980/1550nm 500mW

Name:PM Fused WDM 980/1550nm 500mW




  • Features:
    All Fiber Construction
    High Reliability
    Outstanding Optical Performance
    Different Fiber Types Available
    Compact Package

  • Applications:
    Fiber to the Home (FTTH)
    Local Loop
    Passive Optical Networks
    Fiber Optic Sensing

Parameters Unit  Values
Center Wavelength nm 980 & 1550
Max.Insertion Loss dB 0.7
Min.Isolation dB 15dB@980nm, 13 dB@1550 nm
Min. Extinction Ratio dB 18
Min. Directivity dB 55
Max.Optical Power mW 500
Max. Tensile Load N 5
Operating Temperature -0 to +70
Storage Temperature  -40 to +85
Fiber Type - Fujikura PM-1550 Panda Fiber
Package Dimensions mm 250um Bare Fiber                                                     Ø3.0X54
900um Loose Tube                                                   Ø3.0X60

*Above specifications are for device without connector.

*For devices with connectors, IL will be 0.3dB higher, ER will be 2dB lower and RL will be 5dB lower. 

*The PM fiber and the connector key are aligned to the slow axis.

Package Dimensions:
Ordering Information:
①①①①: Wavelength ④④④: Fiber Jacket on all Ports
9855  - 980 & 1550nm  B - 250um Bare Fiber 
 L - 900um Loose Tube
②: Port Configuration  S - Specify                                             
 1 - 1X2
⑤: Fiber Length
③③③: Connector Type on all Ports  1 - 1.0m
 1 - FC/UPC  S - Specify
 2 - FC/APC   
 3 - SC/UPC
 4 - SC/APC 
 N - None
 S - Specify


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