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Quality System

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Quality Standard

Optizone emphasizes the importance of providing products of premium quality and performance to the industries. International industrial standards are being strictly adhered prior to delivery to our customers. Also, we provide individual test data sheet for each product delivered with the capability of tracing the product should any failure should occur.

Quality System

Optizone has a comprehensive quality system. We employ incoming quality control, in-process quality control and outgoing quality assurance as the core processes of our quality system. We also conduct reliability tests on each of our product base on individual product range.

Incoming Quality Control

- Inspection of all incoming direct and indirect materials
- Adopt AQL 0.65 level II sampling plan for incoming material inspections
- Conduct sampling plan based on historical quality records
- On-site audits of local suppliers
- Written or on-site survey of overseas suppliers

In-process Quality Control

- Real time process control for defective distribution
- Statistical process control technique for yield trend and defect distribution
- Analyze first yield & distribution to identify and evaluate process trend
- Unscheduled production line audit for continuous improvement

Outgoing Quality Assurance

- Adopt AQL 0.65 level II sampling plan to audit finished good products to ensure quality level up to specification
- Conduct system audit based upon process management flow chart
- Complete database for all finished good products

Reliability Test

- Perform reliability tests according to the quality standard required for each product range and also according to customers' requirements
- Typical test processes include: inspect IL, inspect RL, inspect isolation, inspect ER, changeability, vibration, tensile strength, temperature cycling, low/high temperature storage and humidity tests


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