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Optizone Technology is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the manufacturing and supplying of optical passive components.

Realizing the fact that employees coexist with the company, Optizone is well aware that the contribution of each employee has direct impact to that company future growth and development. Hence Optizone strictly adheres to staff-oriented principle by constructing a harmonious working relationship. Among many realistic works being done, in particular, Optizone provides air-conditioner and TV set in each worker’s dormitory. Optizone also provides recreational facilities such as basketball court, snooker, table tennis, badminton, etc., for company employees during leisure hours. What is more, there is a Birthday Party held every month for the employees to celebrate their birthdays and during the party, the members will play together and at the end of the party the company will give a present to each birthday people.

Optizone respects and regards its employees as key assets of the company. And Optizone believes that providing a comfortable environment for its employees will motivate them further in putting efforts to help the company to grow. Optizone also believes that the company can only grow upon each employee’s career advancement are being taken care of.

5 Working Days/Week

Clean Room Environment

Meals & Lodging Provided

Overtime Incentive

Birthday Party

Comprhensive Insurance

Monthly Bonus

Year End Bonus

Company Vacation

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