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Optizone Technology (Shenzhen)  is a manufacturer and supplier of optical passive components design mainly for various industries which include Telecommunication, Fiber Laser, Sensing Applications, CATV, Medical Systems, Gyroscope, etc.

We provide both standard and customized components as well as contract manufacturing solutions to our customers, including High Power components up to KW, both PM and SM fiber components with ranging from 630nm to 2050nm and other components such as modules used for OCT, RGB, etc.

Optizone's main operation is located in China with a 6700 sq m facility in Shenzhen. Being an ISO certified company with a pleasure of attaining an honorable title of National High-Tech Industrial Enterprise, Optizone has a comprehensive management team which includes professionals from many industries.

In conjunction, with its existing strengths in technical know-how in term of component, amplifier and laser expertise, incorporated with its state-of-the-art equipments and manufacturing facility, Optizone offers products which is of advanced technology to the industries.

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